RootWave have developed a unique system for the spot control of a range of weeds using electricity to ‘boil’ weeds inside out from the root upwards.

Generating heat directly within the weed ensures than no energy is wasted and the complete plant including the roots are also controlled.

Introducing, RootWave Pro – Electricide

The weeds are controlled by electricity, in effect boiling the water in plant cells and thus killing the plant. This method of thermal control has the benefit that the heat is generated internally and is therefore much more energy efficient than using hot water, steam or foam.

Using the specially designed system, which includes control unit, transfer/earth cables plus lance and electrodes, weeds can be safely and specifically spot-treated.

Introducing, RootWave Pro – Electricide

The unit is powered from a standard 8.75kva generator and, due to the very efficient use of energy, a single tank of fuel can run the RootWave Pro for a day.

Rigby Taylor has been working with RootWave for the past 3 years during the development cycle.

The system can be introduced to a new user following stewardship training. Ideally suited to be used in windy conditions as it has the potential for more working hours than other techniques.

Rigby Taylor has identified this system as part of an integrated approach to vegetation management.

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