Weedingtech is finding that more and more of their customers are using their patented hot-foam system, Foamstream, not only for weed control but also as a multi-surface cleaner.

This has proven to be of particular use when it comes to cleaning and maintaining outdoor spaces like parks, playgrounds and schools.

The biodegradable foam is made from natural plant oils and sugars and is therefore 100% safe to use in any environment. Combined with hot water, the foam acts as a layer of insulation ensuring that the heat from the hot water is not lost to the atmosphere.

Due to this, Foamstream delivers a cleaning solution that is effective on a wide variety of different materials. It is not only able to kill weeds and unwanted vegetation safely and effectively, it is also able to remove moss and algae from many different surfaces, such as wood, rope, metal and rubber.

Foamstream can even be used to remove gum and graffiti and is effective in any kind of weather. Furthermore, the hot foam will also kill any bacteria it comes in to contact with, further helping to clean and sanitise those areas being treated.

This multi-functional foam, when combined with a multitude of quick-release lance options, makes Weedingtech’s Foamstream system even more of a one-stop maintenance tool.

It’s easy to use for operators and safe to use around children, pets and the environment, allowing you to clean the whole park in one easy swing.

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