An ideal entry level power scythe with a choice of cutting widths & Honda engines.

Able to work in tight, confined spaces, or wide open areas, you can get just the right engine and cutting performance for your needs.

Choose the perfect engine for your needs

Supplied with this machine is a powerful and reliable Honda engine. You can either opt for the cost-effective Honda GP160, or the more powerful 5.5 hp Honda GX200, depending on your requirements and preference. The choice of two forward cutting speeds combined with the engine makes for a machine that is well-suited for open areas of between 1 and 3 acres, as well as cutting around obstacles such as trees and in smaller spaces.

Impressive cutting from this versatile machine

On top of the choice of engine you need to pick your preferred cutter bar from three options: 80 cm (32 inches), 100 cm (40 inches), or 115 cm (45 inches). The 80 cm bar has 15 blades, while the 100 cm one has 19 and the 115 cm one has 23, all using a short oil bath. While a wider cutter bar of course allows you to cut more vegetation, more quickly, a smaller one makes it easier to cut in confined spaces and around obstacles.

The heavy duty serrated teeth ensure impressive durability and the cutting height can be easily adjusted between 2 and 8 cm to suit you. With these cutter bars you can even cut through woody material up to 1 inch thick, such as brambles and even first year saplings.

More than just a scythe mower

As well as the scythe cutter bar on this machine, it also includes the 615L power unit, which gives you superb versatility and compatibility with a wide range of implements and accessories. In addition to cutter bar, you can also use a rotary mower for cutting lawns, as well as a power brush for sweeping leaves or snow, among other attachments.

Strong PTO gears ensure high performance from the attached implement, while the handlebars can be adjusted to suit whatever job you are working on. They cannot rotate the full 180 degrees so are not suitable for operating ground cultivation attachments.

Comes with a 3 year conditional domestic warranty and a 2 year commercial warranty.

  • Engine Model: Honda GP160 / GX200
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Net Power Output: 4.8hp / 3.6kW @3600rpm (GP 160), 5.5hp / 4.1kW @3600rpm (GX200)
  • Starting: Recoil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.1L
  • Fuel Consumption: 1.4L per hour @3600rpm (GP 160), 1.7L per hour @3600rpm (GX200)
  • Gears: 2 forward & 2 reverse
  • Speeds Forward: I: 2.77 II: 3.77
  • Reverse: I: 2.63 II: 3.58
  • Wheels: 4.00 x 8 agricultural
  • Weight: 62 – 64kg (excluding scythe)
  • Dimensions: Length: 180cm
  • Width: 64cm (at handlebars), 44cm (at wheels)
  • Height: 120cm
  • Cutter Bar: 80 cm (32″) / 100 cm (40″) / 115 cm (45″)
  • Number of Blades: 15 (80 cm) / 19 (100 cm) / 23 (115 cm)
  • Drive Movement: Short oil bath
  • Warranty: Domestic use: 3 years / Commercial use: 2 years
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