Toro Releases New Evolution® AG Controller

EL CAJON, Calif. (December 6, 2016) – Toro is pleased to announce the release of the Evolution® AG irrigation controller. Built on the award-winning Evolution platform, the Evolution AG is a simple, intuitive and economical controller that gives agricultural and horticultural growers the features they need to best manage water usage and other inputs.

The Evolution AG was developed to fit the everyday needs of growers, and features programming designed specifically for agricultural and horticultural applications. This includes the ability for the grower to control the opening and closing of irrigation and fertigation valves reliably at any determined schedule. Simple to program, the Evolution AG can be set to water, mist or both in seconds, minutes or hours.
Other innovative features of the Evolution AG controller include:
Flexible programming with valve runtimes from 1 second to 24 hours

Fertilizer injection program that manages up to two fertilizer pumps

Pulse irrigation for difficult soils and subsurface drip irrigation (SDI)

Easy to use and simple to program

Ability to run up to four valves at once

Looping programs

Modular expansion: 4, 8, 12, and 16 valves

Simple English/Spanish toggle

The Evolution AG controller offers simple, straightforward programming with the higher level features appearing in a separate ‘advanced’ menu. A built-in USB port enables firmware upgrades, as well as the ability to save, load and transfer programs. The Evolution AG is backed by a Toro 5-year warranty and customer direct access to technical support.

“Our agricultural customers were clear that they needed a moderately priced controller that used familiar ag terminology, was easy to program and performed the basic functions of watering and fertilizing,” says Fred Harned, product manager for Toro Micro-Irrigation. “Additionally, our horticultural customers requested a controller that could perform both watering and misting for cooling or propagation. We believe the Evolution AG meets these needs and more. It’s simple, basic, reliable and grower oriented.”
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Torque to the professionals.

Landscape professionals need two key factors from their outdoor power tools: increased productivity combined with minimum downtime for maintenance. You want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, particularly where you’re using a brushcutter to power through dense brush. It’s all about torque – more torque means more cutting performance, allowing you to tackle a wider range of tasks with just one brushcutter.

ECHO has launched the ECHO SRM-2620TES, the latest model in the range of ECHO High Torque Brushcutters, to do just that. Utilising a unique gearbox design, ECHO ‘TES’ brushcutters deliver up to 50% more torque at the cutting head than previous models, giving you the same cutting performance as a larger machine but with a smaller, lightweight engine. The 25.4cc professional grade 2-stroke engine provides greater power with improved acceleration, and a gear reduction ratio of 2.07 means the SRM-2620TES generates outstanding levels of torque. The lightweight design also features low levels of vibration, providing reduced operator fatigue without compromising a cutting performance that’s equal to a higher capacity machine.

Further improvements with the SRM-2620TES include a new fan cover design which reduces the snagging of cables on branches in overgrown areas. There’s a tool-less air filter cover for easy access, even with gloves on, which makes it easier to clean the air filters on site. Changes to the air filter include a pleated main air filter and foam pre-filter to keep dust and debris away from the engine. All of which adds up to ensuring longer service intervals, better engine performance and more time to take on those extra jobs.
The ECHO SRM-2620TES is available in both U-handle and loop-handle versions and the customary two-year professional warranty and five-year domestic warranty are testimony to the tough, durable and dependable quality ECHO build in to all their machines. Find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer. 
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Why Hotels should specify Living Walls to communicate Green Credentials.

Hotels across the UK have some great environmental and social initiatives in place, but how do they tell their customers about them? Many sustainability and green messages fall by the wayside – lost in the standard paperwork of the hotel experience – menus, do not disturb signs and in-house print.

What better way to improve customer experience and communicate the green message than by installing living walls? Green Walls offer a bold design method to differentiate your property from your competitors. Both interior and exterior applications of Living Walls improve acoustics, air quality, biodiversity and the urban heat island effect – all packed with a punch of beautiful green aesthetics to inspire any customer to think GREEN. The additional and proven benefits of incorporating living walls to reduce stress and enhance relaxation will ensure that guests enjoy their hotel experience that bit more.
The wow factor of a living wall would also be a great starting point for customer engagement. We can monitor water use, explain why plant species are selected for biodiversity and to support pollinators, explain the thermal benefits of the living wall to the building and how this creates energy efficiency (supported by our own detailed research into the Thermal Benefits of living walls) – the discussion points are extensive.
So which of the UK’s hotels have adopted the living wall trend? Famously the Athenaeum on London’s Picadilly sports the famous Patrik Blanc living wall – one of the first installed in London. The Rubens Hotel in Victoria is adorned with one of London’s largest living walls to improve air quality, the Scotscape team were sub-contracted to apply our experience to constructing this wall. The St James Hotel in Central London, The Bedford Hotel in Holborn, Moxhull Hall Hotel in the West Country – the list goes on. These smart hoteliers know that living walls are good news for telling their customers that they care about people and the environment , meaning that they are also likely to care about all aspects of hotel service.

All industries have an obligation to communicate the green message – what better way to do so than a Living Wall?

Published By Scotscape Group LTD

From Panel to Post – an Integrated Approach to Fencing.

With many homeowners becoming increasingly eager to undertake home and garden projects once left to the professionals, Grange Fencing is leading the way in the fencing sector by providing an integrated fencing package. One of the most well respected companies in the market, Grange offers everything from decorative inspiration to fixings and fence posts.

The company’s on trend collections of decorative Fence Panels and garden structures offer consumers the ideal solution for enhancing the garden landscape. With a choice of three ranges, including the recently launched Urban, Contemporary and Valencia collections, and the option of a pre-painted service, Grange provides decorative garden features to compliment any style of fencing.
Alongside stunning decorative products, Grange paves the way in providing practical yet innovative fencing accessories and is the only company within the market to offer a range of concrete Fence Posts. The concrete range provides a strength and durability over and above that of traditional timber posts and offers a rot and weather resistant solution to fencing installation.
Another note-worthy range offered by Grange is the collection of Metpost Post Supports, including a variety of galvanised spikes, bolt-downs and Concrete Ins. Using cutting edge fencing technology, the iconic Metpost brand provides easy and effective solutions to erecting and maintaining fencing on any outdoor surface, making for a particularly appealing, time saving alternative for both qualified tradesmen and enthusiastic DIY-ers.
Combining a passion for product development with an all-encompassing product range, Grange provides retailers with the opportunity to increase their margin potential and further establish a sense of customer loyalty amongst tradesmen and consumers alike. With stunning product designs and practical tools to suit every type of fencing project, Grange really does offer the whole package.
Retailers interested in working with Grange should contact the company on 01952 588 088 or email

Flopro launch the ultimate shopping experience.

Flopro have just launched the ultimate watering shopping experience; ensuring you have everything you need in one place.

The Flopro shop concept has great visual impact in store as well as engaging content to learn about everything watering.

Featured in this shop are the brand new Mult-Function LED Sprinkler, Plug & Go Watering – for the simple approach to irrigation, the exclusive Watering Can Hose Reel 10m and much more!
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2017 will mark the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the UK sales, training and distribution centre for global power tool manufacturer Makita Corporation. An unbroken record of annual sales growth confirms that today the Makita brand is market leader in the UK’s competitive professional power tool league. Just two years ago Makita worldwide celebrated a century of growth since the Company’s foundation in 1915 at Anjo, Japan.
Since 1972 Makita UK has delivered a consistently successful and ever expanding range of power tools for the professional tradesman. Today, there are more than 600 tools in the Makita UK range and unrivalled innovation has become the hallmark of the brand, constantly improving performance and capability to make many tasks in the construction world more productive, safer for operators, achieving faster, more efficient, completion. Exceptional product innovations such as the valuable AVT™ – Advanced Vibration Technology – which dramatically reduces HAV risks for operators; Brushless motors for cordless tools that increases motor power output, expands run time and lengthens tool and battery life; and the brilliant MM4 mini 4-stroke petrol engine that produces more power, consumes less fuel, cuts noise and emissions of grounds maintenance machines, are just three examples of the constant flow of product science and technology that makes Makita the market leader.

Today’s Makita range includes cordless machines which now rival some mains powered variants for impact power and torque. The popular 18v Lithium-Ion battery platform, introduced in 2005, has expanded to more than 110 different products and recently the Twin 18v (36v) machines, powered by two of the ever popular existing 18v batteries, along with a range of domestic and professional cordless garden tools that further expands the powerful cordless range. Pneumatic tools include nailers and staplers whilst there are ever more petrol engine machines for construction and outdoor equipment, and horticultural machines for grounds maintenance and landscape professionals. An equally broad inventory of high quality accessories, such as drill bits, blades, abrasives and diamond cutting wheels, further enhances the ultimate performance of Makita tools.
“The Makita philosophy has always been ‘customer service first and foremost’ and to meet the aspirations of the end user first, then our dealers and then finally us as the manufacturer,” explains Barry Smart, National Sales Manager, Makita UK. “Our market has evolved since 1972 when it was 100% mains until today where it is 60/40 in favour of cordless machines. Our forecasts are for continued growth in cordless; our Twin battery 36v machines meet end user requirements for power and performance and this is expanding quickly in our horticultural range. Opening our new training and customer service centre in Glasgow is further illustration of our commitment to giving our customers the very best possible backup to make their business successful.”
Makita is Britain’s number 1 professional power tool manufacturer, and their ISO accredited facility at Telford in Shropshire is one of 18 worldwide production plants. Here more than 1.25 million individual power tools are manufactured annually, of which 80% are exported to the worlds markets.
Two further factors are the cornerstones of Makita’s market success in the UK. The establishment and continuous development of the strongest national network of professional distributors, backed by a skilled sales and demonstration force, is coupled with the ethos of correct training. This enables the selection of the most efficient tool for the job and the correct and safe use of the tools in active conditions. This belief is borne out by the major investment in the established training course facility at the Milton Keynes HQ and the new centre in Scotland.

The Garden Press Event, Thursday 16th February 2017

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In just one day, you can discover the best new products and
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Mak1675 Download the Guide to Chainsaw Maintenance

Makita UK has supported the publication of an invaluable ‘Guide to Chainsaw Maintenance’, the free to download book, written by experienced City & Guilds NPTC trainer and assessor David Vickers of Drivelink Training.

This 131 page guide covers the theory and practical tasks required to look after and maintain a chainsaw in regular use. It is ideally suited to those new to chainsaws, or those taking their Level 2 assessment.

High quality detailed photographs cover all the routine maintenance tasks for chainsaw operators. It includes bar and chain configurations; guidance on fuel systems and air cleaner routines. Safety precautions are highlighted.

Drivelink Training offer a range of forestry and arboriculture courses ranging from the Foundation course: Maintenance & Cross-cutting, through small, medium and large felling, to more specialist courses including Emergency and Windblown treeworks; Assisted felling, with rope and winch support; Advanced Aerial Rigging, Cutting and Climbing, and even Aerial Rescue. David Vickers offers these courses to individuals and operators right across the south of the UK, or further afield for national contractors.

The ‘Guide to Chainsaw Maintenance’ can be downloaded for free by clicking:

“Makita UK has supported David Vickers in the production of this very useful guide as we recognise that all chainsaw operators need to be mindful of routine maintenance to keep the performance levels of their saws in top notch condition,” says Kevin Brannigan, Makita UK, marketing manager.

The Makita chainsaw range includes electric, petrol and battery powered models, including the world’s lightest petrol chainsaw and the innovative twin 18v battery powered LXT cordless chainsaw concept which generates 36v of power.  Together with top handled models, many advanced features including M2M Vibration Dampening, Stratified Air Scavenging, East Start and catalytic converters, several models should only be used by certificated professionals.  In addition Makita offer a range of protective workwear, including the Starter Safety Kit – forester trousers, helmet, visor and ear protection – that meet European safety standards.

For more information on Drivelink Training please visit

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London mayor Sadiq Khan has asked for a review of the Garden Bridge project.

_88729337_gardenbridgeforwebThe MP for Barking, Margaret Hodge, will examine whether value for money has been achieved from the taxpayers’ £60m contribution to the bridge.

Ms Hodge, a former chair of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, will also look at whether transparency standards have been met by public bodies.

Mr Khan has said no more taxpayer money should be spent on the bridge.

The mayor said: “I’m clear that since the beginning of the project there hasn’t been the necessary standard of transparency and openness around the Garden Bridge.

“Nearly £40m of public money has already been spent and Londoners deserve more information about the decisions that have been made.”


Mrs Hodge said she did not have a view on whether the Garden Bridge was “a fantastic idea or a waste of money”.

But James Hatts, editor of local news website SE1, believes the mayor’s review is overdue.

He said the Garden Bridge Trust had “already burned through £30-40m of public funds” and “there are huge question marks” over the business plan.

“They are relying on corporate events, souvenirs, credit card readers as you walk onto the bridge so that you can give a donation,” he said.

“It’s really difficult to see that they are going to get £3.5m year on year. Ultimately, the way Boris Johnson and local authorities structured the planning permission and associated agreements for the bridge means there’s a chance the public purse will end up meeting ongoing costs.”

“Everything is simple with Claber. Just like water itself”

It goes without saying, in todays world most business need to be cost effective. Managing resources, staff and time are key to achieving financial goals. Therefore it’s no surprise to learn that installing an automatic irrigation system can help businesses reduce costs in the long run. Also suggesting a way to automatically water precious plants during the planning of a project represents a great way to boost turnover while reassuring clients that they can effectively manage the watering of the plants, trees and flowers.

A simple layout using various methods to deliver water, such as dripper pipe or soaker hose, are easy to install. Whereas the likes of hanging baskets or potted plants would require individual drippers or micro sprinklers. The clever part of automatic watering is the timer or program unit that is used, after all the whole point of managing the irrigation process, is that it can be done quickly and effectively without to much human interaction. Once the program is set it will repeat the process when require, even at inconvenient times such as early mornings or late evenings.

As a leading manufacturer of gardening products with an extensive range that provides a solution for almost any kind of project, Claber SpA is an innovative company with over 45 years of global experience.

It has always been a company mission since 1969 to develop a complete range of watering products, which not only makes irrigation easy for everyone but that delivers an ergonomic and efficient answer to all gardener’s needs, regardless if they are a DIY gardener or a professional landscaper.

Picture1Claber’s manufacturing plant which is based in Northern Italy, uses sustainable “green” energy, the raw materials are sourced locally and almost all of the materials used in production and packaging are recyclable.

Claber has strived to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Research, design and manufacture is all done within touching distance of the Company President and Managing Director, who are both very much hands on, making sure that the high levels of quality Claber aims for is continually reached.

During the early 1990’s Claber recognised the importance of Automatic watering. Investing heavily in the development of clever and useful programmable products. From wall mounted control panels, underground programmable valves to tap timers.

Picture2Claber saw that the future of irrigation could be easily managed with a little help from the likes of the Video 2, Duplo tap timers or the Multipla 9v control panel. These simple to use timers made irrigation easy for everyone.

The introduction of the 9v programmable valve units have really provided users the freedom of controlling there systems. Large projects such as golf courses may have several water supplies to each green.  Installers can now install individual units close to each green that can be programmed to bespoke settings.  Picture5

Having a reliable control unit or timer is essential. Claber has an extensive range of battery powered devices. But innovation hasn’t stopped there, the introduction of a new RF range and Solar technology. New solar technology is incorporated in the Aqua Magic, which is making watering more accessible even for those with balcony gardens or allotments.

Picture6Dario Spadotto Company MD said, “We believe that gardening is a growing part of our lifestyles. Producing quality products that are reliable is extremley important to all of the gardeners using them. We introduced the RF products, with their 30 meter coverage into the range to give installers the ability to install control units in places that are discreet and possibly difficult to access. More recently we launched Aqua Magic to cater for the really difficult areas to reach, such as balcony gardens, allotments and greenhouses. As Aqua Magic is free from mains water and mains electricity we know there are far more opportunities for it be used in really remote places.”



It’s no coincidence then that Claber currently distributes to 73 global territories. Outside of continental Europe these including the US, UK, the Middle east and Asia.

UK National sales manager, Simon Carruthers, says “We have a great product range, covering all aspects of watering and irrigation. It not only meets international size standards, making it globally compatible but it’s highly reliable and we remain extremley well priced.”

As the manufacturer Claber has the experience and knowledge to be in a position to offer help and support to all of there customers but it’s careful to avoid direct involvement in the planning or installation process.

“We have some excellent suppliers and installers in the UK,” said Simon “All of whom can help during the planning and installation of any system.”

“There always things to consider before installing an irrigation system,” Simon added. “Although water pressure is important most of our products only require low pressure levels, it’s the flow rate that plays a key factor in any design. The Flow rate is the volume of water that comes out of the mains. The more applications added to a line of pipe then the more water you need. The wider the irrigation pipe the better the flow rate. Project designers will be able to help to calculate these measurements .”

Regardless of the size of the project, planning a project is essential, not because of the unpredictable UK weather, although even when it rains some plants with heavy foliage may not get watered properly and if the sun is hot the rain water will evaporate quickly, but because of the efficiency an irrigation system can bring to a client. For example, a large estate with lots of potted plants and baskets could take a couple of hours per day for an employee to water. In small domestic projects, having the convenience of automatic watering when you away on holiday is a huge benefit. An example of waste, is the amount of water people use when watering hanging baskets. Most people will use a hose pipe to give the basket a soaking, resulting in a lot of the water simply falling to the floor. Using adjustable drippers and a regular water cycle, hanging baskets can remain invigorated during the summer and yet the volume of water used can be reduced, thus reducing the utility cost.


Planting any kind of plants, from a £25 hanging basket to an expensive landscape project, is a cost to someone who realise the importance growing.  A simple reliable irrigation system will   be an invaluable asset to any environment. From the tap to the root, the clever way is the Claber way.

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